Complete Payment Processing

Secure, integrated and fully compliant processing of credit and debit cards, automatic recurring payments, mobile payments and gift cards.

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Let us help your storage operation reach higher revenues by accepting multiple forms of payment including credit and debit cards, all types of checks, automatic recurring payments and gift cards. We provide complete and seamless integration with leading storage industry software providers, like SiteLink and CenterShift.

Multiple Payment Options

Storage Locations



Over the Phone

Complete and Seamless Integration with Storage Software for Seamless Processing

Connect all payment devices and transactions to your self-storage  and accounting software programs and automatically integrate them into your general ledger. No more manual data entry means your business saves time and eliminates errors! Save minutes from the collection and reconciliation of each and every payment transaction.

Auto Reconciliation

Stop wasting time and money. Eliminate reconciliation errors and redundant or missing transactions

Stop wasting time and money.

Reconciling and posting payment transactions into your accounting system is a time-consuming process. It typically takes several minutes to search your accounting system and reconcile each transaction. This can quickly turn into hours of reconciling each day. We'll automate that entire process.

Real-time updates of your consolidated payment activity across your entire operation. View all of your transactions in one location in the Reports section. Our reporting lets you view batches, bank deposits, monthly statements and more 24 hours a day.

Real-Time Data

After having SBOA Merchant Services audit our current statement we discovered we were leaving a lot of money on the table every year in processing fees. They got us much better processing rates, adding thousands to our bottom line. And the whole process took a day. It was that easy.

Chris, American Stor-All Storage, Nine Locations in Florida and Maryland



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